Workshop Tour

Workshop Tour

lincolnshire handmade furniture

The Rinaldi workshop lies in the heart of picturesque Lincolnshire on Hall Farm in Harpswell."

It is well-known for its beautiful 3-acre gardens which are open to the public all year round. He shares the site with Dave Payne who specialises in artistic ironwork and James Sutton who is a sculptor.

Tim and his team of craftsmen use the latest techniques and specialist equipment, alongside traditional hand tools to create original furniture from solid wood with beautiful veneers to last a lifetime.

The team at Rinaldi Furniture create beautiful furniture from this Lincolnshire location, using the finest quality materials to craft these pieces into the centrepieces for customers’ homes. The entire furniture making process takes place in the 1500 square feet space, from the initial designs, transforming pieces of timber with specialist in-house equipment, to the final polishing of the commissions.